Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why Catholic -- Beyond Group Meetings

Season One  --  Aiming Toward Holy Week and Beyond

There are many more ways, than Why Catholic? small group meetings, to help Catholics -- and inquirers and others, of all ages -- to learn more and appreciate the uniqueness of Catholic liturgies and sacraments. Ideas for your community:

(1) From: Dawn DellaBella @ St. Albert the Great Parish:

I think this Summer what I would like to do is host some sort of Social Evening (like a reunion for present Why Catholic? small group participants, but open to all of our parish) -- Sharing a meal, doing a brief talk about sacraments, and then a fun formation activity -  using the Jeopardy game - is there one of the cartridges that focus on the "Sacraments."

(2) From Lynn  Ekstrom @ St. Edward Parish

We are wrapping up our 6-weeks of Season One right now. We had 300 persons, from young adults to seniors, engaged in Why Catholic? For all who have taken part -- and for the many who could not -- we will offer two things:

Community Lecture: "All of Life is Sacramental"
Presenter:  Rev. Joseph Graffis, Pastor, St. Edward Parish
Sunday, April 10  -- 3:00 – 4:30pm -- Rooms A/B (beside our church worship space)

Pot-Luck Celebration (Food, Music, & Stories) and Planning for Season 2
Wednesday, May 18 @ St. Edward's Room A/B

Will be for small group facilitators and planning-team members involved in  Why Catholic? first season.

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